James Booth

Technology entrepreneur

I am the Founder and CEO of DomainBooth.com as well as Co-Founder of MediaX.com. I was born in Lancashire, UK and spent most of my life in Norfolk, UK with my 2 Brothers and Mother before moving to Singapore in 2012 to work in the Wealth Management sector assisting Expats living overseas. In 2015 I moved to the Philippines to further work in the Financial Advice markets. During my time in the Philippines I began exploring the world of Domain Name investments and Brokerage and set up my first venture BQDN (Buy Quality Domain Names) and in my first year was awarded The Top 10 Broker in the world by Escrow.com. The following years brought more success with the company ranking #9 in 2017, #8 in 2018, #3 in 2019 and #2 in 2020. I personally closed more than $30M USD in Domain Name sales and have since moved to start my family in the UAE where I am now based. I have assisted in several high profile sales such as Extend.com, IJ.com, IX.com, Jones.com, Pack.com, Enhance.com, Walrus.com, Zoom.com, Jellyfish.com, Palace.com, Phenom.com and many more.
I am now also a partner in several ventures such as Realty.com.au, Farmhouse (FMHS) and many more.

CEO and Founder of DomainBooth.com

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Email : james@james.com

Phone : +971 54 381 7887

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  • James Booth is a Global Top 3 awarded Domain Broker based in Dubai.